October 9, 2010

Snyder becomes DC's Man of Tomorrow

Last week Christopher Nolan announced that he is indeed going to direct the next Batman film, starring Christian Bale, with a script written by himself and David Goyer.  This reassured many DC fans that this successful film franchise will go on being a success.  Then, this week DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. made an even bigger announcement.  Zach Snyder will be directing the next Superman film.
Superman Returns was released in 2006 and it was supposed to be Superman's return to the big screen.  But most saw the film as a failure, calling it boring, and having an emo vibe.  Although I did see faults in the film I still believe it's a good adaptation to Superman, keeping the characters true to their comic roots. Never the less this mean Warner Bros. was going to have to start over with the Man of Steel, again.
The studio is also on a bit of time crunch.  Jerry Siegel's family, the man who created Superman, is in a legal trial over the rights to Superman's origin and the characters in it.  If the Siegel family wins they will have the say as to whether a Superman movie will be made, and Warner Bros. will have to pay them big royalties.  So a Superman movie must start production by 2011 or the Siegel could make out with a large chunk of the films profit. 
First Warner Bros. tapped their only successful superhero director in the last decade, Christopher Nolan, for help.  Nolan signed on as a producer, getting David Goyer working on the script.  Goyer has not only written the last two Batman films, but the entire Blade trilogy. He seems to be the superhero writer in Hollywood these days. He was originally tapped to write a script for The Flash, but was later kicked off of it because studio heads didn't like the direction the story was going. In my opinion that'll come back to bite them in the ass. Goyer has now finished a script for the next Superman film.
So the hunt began for the films director.  A lot of names were being thrown around, such as former Harry Potter director Chris Columbus.  But this week Warner Bros. announced Zach Snyder as their Superman director.  Snyder directed the smash comic book adaptations 300 and Watchmen so it's only logical Warner Bros. thinks he can keep making them money.  But both these films are very dark and mature.  As a long time Superman fan this worries me because Superman is all about peace and hope; darkness and maturity is a Batman movie.  But Snyder just released an animated film Legend of the Guardians:  The Owls of Ga'Hoole, which I had no intention of seeing until now.  If this owl movie can have some sign of brightness then I may come around more to idea of Snyder directing the Man of Steel.
At first thought I was livid.  People say their hasn't been a successful Superman film in decades because the character is no longer relatable to todays culture.  I say that's a half-ass way of saying no one is talented enough to make a good adaptation.  But Goyer is a great comic book film writer, but what worries me is Nolan and Snyder.  I love the films both these guys have done, but they're known for their twisted realities while Superman is a straight shooter.  No psycholoical thriller with the Last Son of Krypton,  He's the ultimate American immigrant here to give people hope an uphold Midwestern values.  Snyder's next film coming out in March Sucker Punch, involves half naked girls killing people.  You see my dilemma?
By now I'm sure you think I'm totally against Snyder as this films director, but I'm not 100% against him.  I'm just a comic book fan who can see why he was chosen, how he could do a good job, and how he could set back Superman films for another 20 years.  I recently tweeted to one of my favorite comic book writers, and DC Entertainment head, Geoff Johns and pleaded to him to stay on the Superman set like he is with Green Lantern, making sure it's a film the fans will love.  I only hope he listens.  But let's not forget that the search for the Superman director has been harsh and hectic, but it's nothing compared to what the search will be for the films star.  Get Tom Welling in the phone! 

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  1. love this post. I just hope Snyder delivers what Singer failed to do, an epic Superman movie! I liked SR, but the superboy sub plot was lame, and Lex Luthor, although played brilliantly by Spacey, was boring as the only enemy to Supes yet again, why they didnt go with braniac and lex god knows, instead of giving him Lex and an Island. I have a good feeling about this movie. As for the cast choice for Superman, im sure we can expect that before the new year, I wouldnt mind in the slightest if it was Tom Welling, but have a feeling it will be another relatively unknown actor